5 Awesome Dark Cabaret Songs

09 May

The two genres i’m listening to most to prepare for the Miss Hannah’s (something something)  Cabaret (or whatever it’ll end up being called) are Dark Cabaret and Gothic Western. In fact the initial inspiration to do this at all came from simply seeing the words “dark cabaret” online a little bit ago. I suddenly felt a thrumping pang in my heart and remember how much inspiration it had filled my with during the my early preparations into the steampunk opera and how there was so much more i wanted to do with it  but didn’t get the chance.

So now the usb in my car plays mostly dark cabaret and gothic western mixes. Here are some particularly awesome Dark Cabaret songs (that aren’t Dresden Dolls. Who are my absolute favorite and who i’ve devoted entire posts to and will again.)

Emilie Autumn


Tiger Lillies


Vermillion Lies


Bitter Ruin




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