Character Sketches: Miss Hannah 1 by Sarah de Buck

08 May
Character Sketches: Miss Hannah 1 by Sarah de Buck

Most character sketches by the wonderful Sarah de Buck, this one the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Cabaret, Miss Hannah herself.  Currently i’m toying with the Cabaret having her name in it, (Miss Hannah’s something and something appropriately descriptive Cabaret) but it’s not… quite… coming to me. We’ll see.

I got Miss Hannah’s backstory down while writing that Carnival bit the other day, the jist of which i think you can garner, but i can’t publish the full bit since it’s an entire song in the Cabaret and i’m very intentionally not publishing anything that’s contained in the album online. There’s plenty of other details and more to come.

There’s some talk of doing a map of Lost Hallow, some sketches of Miss Hannah in performance attire, and i might add one more character to Cabaret as possible guest spot. You know, like a The Miller’s Son bit where someone comes out of nowhere and sings a little fun guest song. I don’t know if i’ll be able to fit it in, but since i need a stage hand for the Cabaret and they might as well have some moment to shine as long as they’re technically up there, this would solve that. My current thoughts are either a guest song by the Bartender of Sophia Suarez, who only existed as an off the top of the head concoction of the Notes On Lost Hallow, but who i’m kind of becoming really enamored with and may have a slight crush on.

In any case, here are the latest sketched by Sarah de Buck. You can also check out her deviant art page at

miss hannah gothic western steampunk dark cabaret character concept art sarah de buck paul shapera

Miss Hannah version 1


Miss Hannah version 1


Miss Hannah version 1


Miss Hannah version 1


Miss Hannah version 1

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