Belo Dun: The White City and The Lost Tribe

16 Nov

Keep ignoring these. Just playing around, seeing where it leads. Also, yes i know the names all suck. If i stop to fret over the names i’ll lose the flow of writing, so… sucky names are fine.


During the Great Migration of the Somnian Era, in which the Savonic people fled their eastern homeland across the Palo Mountains, one of their 7 tribes became lost and never arrived at their eventual homeland. The Savs had fled due to the… Trouble that is only discussed in detail by very particular scholars, and the works which go into detail about the nature of the Trouble many only be viewed by one who has several specific degrees issued by only particular universities. To wit, it’s not that no one knows what happened, it’s just that those who know are few and far between and they are very cautious about who they tell. Legends speak of a vast area where.. what is there is not of here.

So the Savonics fled and one of their tribes was lost. The lost tribe wandered into an enormous forest, came out in another stretch of plain and were never able to find their way back. There are some who say they were lured by elemental spirits who wished to enter into lustful contact with these strange new human creatures that had not previously been seen about those parts. There is much ancient artwork that depicts very sensual relations between people and earth spirits and water spirits. They say those who entered into lustful relations with air spirits became mystics and those who entered into lustful relations with fire spirits gave birth to a lineage of warriors. Indeed, the two people who shall factor into our story come from a mixed breed of air and fire elemental lineage. There are also some reported to have conjugated with metal spirits and there are rumors that there exists a hidden breed who are said to derive from a lineage of crystal spirits, but who are almost impossible to find, save by a select few.

However, there are some schools of mystics, from the air lineage, who say the elemental spirits who seduced that lost tribe all those years ago were just pawns. The tribe was maneuvered this area by some local gods to be used in what some describe as a game, and others describe as a serialized, sexual psychodrama these gods engage in. A living sexualized, sado masochistic story dance impossible for humans to fully appreciate, but is the main entertainment of the gods. A single series, or complete dance, can last several centuries from beginning to end.

The lost tribe had been lured into an area ruled by twin gods, Belo Bog and Crno Bog, that is the White God and The Black God. The continent was said to be divided into provinces where dual gods ruled. The great prairies to the north were said to be contain a brother and sister divinity of Chance and Fate where an albino tribe lived, and just to the west of where this lost tribe settled was said to be home to a pair of gods, Chaos and Order.

To be fair, this sounds like the ramblings of a half mad drug fiend, and indeed it may be. But this is what they say and believe, so this is the history we tell.

The lost tribe thrived and built towns and even a city. They worshiped the twins, mostly the White God, but there were rumors that the Black God had its monasteries and monks too, they existed in the cracks and their congregations you would never know of to pass in the streets. The priests and the monks however were given gifts by the Black God, gifts strange and terrible.

The lost tribe and its great White City were conquered by the peoples to the west, the Khazurks, who were outwardly expanding. All their lands were subjugated and their rulers disposed.  The territories were governed instead by Viziers, appointed by the Khzurk capital, and tasked with preserving Order and keeping peace. Harsh methods were not shied away from in keeping the conquered people in line.

Theologians have written commentaries at length about the visions of various mystics, and it is impossible to discern which narrative is true as so many visions conflict and those of the religious persuasion can simply pick the vision that best agrees with their preconceptions. However, what is clear and undisputed is that there was some psychodrama amongst the gods, between both the Twins and the Gods of Choas and Order. Some say Order and Belo Bog, the White God came to an agreement, decided to work together and see what happened. Others say their relationship was romantic, sexual and it caused great friction between their siblings. Others say the opposite is true, it was Chaos and Crno Bog, the Black God was became lovers. Some say Belo Bog and Chaos, or Order and Crno Bog, some say there is an long slow orgy of the gods happening as we speak and the events on these territories are reflections of what is currently happening in that celestial orgy.

Some of course get very, very upset by the orgy theory and prefer a metaphor that involves the card game Bridge or some other political illustration. Some psychodrama is clearly happening amongst these four gods and those down here are either running to stay clear of the moving chess pieces, or running to become one.

The story we shall telling involves a father and a daughter, both picked as key pieces by one of these 4 gods and set against each other. It is said if one can figure out which piece is represented by which god one can see the game itself and transcend this foul level of being, perhaps moving upwards in the long, long spiritual journey from Piece To Player.

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