Thus Spake The Vampir

01 Nov

Just ignore this. I need to start writing shit down or i’m not going to remember everything. Right now this is as good a place as any.


The Vampir respresents the Black God, Crno Bog, or even perhaps is a monk for the Black God.

The Vampir’s argument is that not only can he enable Dragan to gain the vengeance he craves, Dragan is indeed obligated to take it. This is about duty and order in the world over one’s selfishness.

While the desire for vengeance may feel selfish, in the same way that hunger which leads to feeding oneself is, there is ever a greater picture, and it is vengeance that is the non selfish act as where forgiveness and turning the other cheek is the selfish act.

Every person’s fate is sealed by their actions. Actions have consequences. Actions have an equal reaction. This is mathematics and physics. This is the laws of the universe which keep it in order. A man commits a misdeed. Well that misdeed has consequences and the man must face his resulting fate. A man committed a misdeed and Dragon is that fate come.  Fate wears many masks. Karma has many hands and if you are the hand karma has chosen, who are you to abdicate that responsibility?

The monk, the Belo Bog, The White God’s mouthpiece may advocate love and forgiveness and the turning of the cheek, a wonderful sentiment as is often found amongst the young and idealistic, those who demand that those in charge make a better world appear, despite that they themselves cannot hold to the same standard they idealistically set and demand that their elders adhere to. However, turn the cheek and you do not simply abdicate your responsibility towards the role which higher powers and purposes have perhaps ordained for you, but you create unbalance. Now the world is unbalanced and order has been set off course. An action is lacking an appropriate reaction. A vampir is nothing if not concerned with Order. That balance in all things is maintained. And for what is this imbalance created? A selfish sense of piety? A selfish wish to “move on”?

The time for selfishness is after duty is done. Vengeance is just the carrot to motivate the human mule. The operation of fate, the moral balance of the world, order and just consequence are what are truly at work here. Take my hand. Make the pact. Let the natural order of things be as they should and worse case scenario, should all your attempts come to naught, your death will not be a victory for the Vizier, but instead his very downfall.

– Thus Spake the Vampir.

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