Catnip Tea: Ouroborealis

20 Sep

Canip Tea Ouroborealis

Guitarist and songwriter Miljen Aljinovic is a long standing friend of us here at The Dolls Of New Albion Blog Offices, and it is with great pleasure that we have watched his band Catnip Tea complete and release their long awaited album Ouroborealis.

Best described as Grok Rock, this is modern psychedelic rock which veers and swerves around corners of elegance and brutality, flight and fall. It is not a pop album. It is exploratory, layered, mood shifting and utterly unformulaic. It goes where it wants to. It doesn’t care what all the popular kids are doing. It likes brainy chicks who smoke pot and hate the system. It hates the system too. It offers a new system: no system. What the fuck? It sighs. It smokes cigarettes, yes, it knows they’re bad, please shut up. It is not afraid to admit it loves sunsets. I mean, come on, it’s not a dick. It like sweet and yeah, mushy things, just… you know, as long as they don’t smell of bullshit. Look man, it doesn’t know what it wants. It’s working on it. It does know that if you have an agenda you can fuck right on off. but if you just want to hang out and try to get to the bottom of some shit, well hell, pull up a seat and light one up.

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