Professor Elemental

02 Mar

professor elemental

Yes i know, we’ve moved a way away from steampunky things, but none the less we’re going to feature a very steampunky musician, Professor Elemental.

The reason is this: I quite enjoy listening to him. I never featured him back when i was featuring steampunky things, and yet, of all those things, he is what i still listen to. I actually love the guy. His songs are really funny, but they’re also really, really clever and have utterly stellar lyrics.

As those who know me on Facebook can contest, i freakin’ LOVE tea. I mean i LIVE on the stuff. I don’t drink coffee. It’s not that i don’t that i don’t like coffee, but it gets in the way of a cup of tea and i’d way rather have the cup of tea. I ran out of tea a little bit ago AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO FUCK WITH ME OR BE AROUND ME WHEN THE TEA RUNS DRY. SERIOUSLY. THEY INVENTED THE WORD SKULLFUCK BECAUSE O F WHAT I DO WHEN THERE’S NO TEA. Why do i mention this? Because Professor Elemental understands. I actually got immense pleasure out of watching this while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. (I can’t just pop round to the shop and grab some more. I live in a REALLY friggin’ remote place in a country with no proper tea except in one city 3 hours away. And that ONE tea shop couldn’t deliver for two weeks because… because it’s the Balkans.

Right, so THIS:

You see how i love this beyond words.

But wait, he IS always that clever. As we can witness here:

Yay! I mean come on, how can you not enjoy this? All right, one more:

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