Character Background: Jordan (6 CD Set. It’s Out. Buy It Or Puppies Across The Planet Will Die)

27 Jan

The New Albion Trilogy by Paul Shapera

Why do you want to kill innocent puppies? What tf is wrong with you? What kind of monster condones puppy genocide? Well, if you haven’t bought your copy of the New Albion Trilogy 6 CD Set then apparently YOU, you rat bastard. Every time someone buys the 6 CD package, a puppy is spared. It gets to LIVE. LIVE. It gets a life of love and joy. Is that such a bad thing? Is buying the 6 CD New Albion Trilogy such a bad idea that’s it worth the suffering and death of those poor, sweet, innocent puppies? I just hope you can sleep at night.

The Slender Man Opera is in full gear. Characters and plot points are pouring out. Today we talk about Jordan who will be played by a new addition to our roster, Jen Folden (she was the Angel on The Fallen).  I never utilized her properly. She was singing a part written for another voice and i’d like to write a part specifically for her voice. Jordan is a perfect part. Jordan will have a certain Lana Del Ray aspect to her.

Here’s the character background for Jordan. Don’t read if you don’t like spoilers.

– mid 20s

– smokes like chimney

– here at the Abbey she’s started to develop an evening opium habit. Nothing too severe.

– excelled back in school. Was raised to be the good girl archetype but rebelled against this the further into adolescence she got.

– Excelled in college at her chosen field of study: Game Theory. Won awards and scholarships. Had a promising career ahead of her.

– As part of her yin/yang good girl/bad girl approach to life, as a teenager developed a big thing for the occult, specifically ritual work and spell crafting. She was never caught up in any particular belief system per se, this interest actuall complimneted her propensity towards game theory type interests.

– Fell madly, madly in love with a rich, young game designer named Geoff (son of a successful dot commer) who also had a thing for alternative spiritualities. She dropped out of college and ran off with him to San Francisco.

– They were going to make a game that would change the gaming industry and invent a new type of immersive gameplay. They set up this large, labyrinthian basement as a live model of a game maze, using occult symbologies and rituals to induce alternative states of consciousness and help them push their ideas for creating the game.

– They fucked up big time.
They opened something and something came through. There were 5 of them that night. The Thing that came through brutally hunted and devoured them, including Geoff, the love of Jordan’s life. She saw him…. what the Slender Man did to him is something Jordan will not speak of.

– Although wounded, she escaped bu sliding through the same opening the Thing had come through.

– Exactly what initially happened on the Other Side is hard for her to remember, but she eventually got caught in one of the Snares Samuel had set up to catch Creatures. She thus ended up at the Degenerate Abbey.

– She works diligently on the Snares and Cages Program. She has proven invaluable by incorporating occult bonding into the physical nature of the Traps and Cages. A monster canmnot simply be held by shackles, there are psycho-spiritual quantum states which must be employed to hold them. (theoretically. The program hasn’t actually quite reached Implementation Phase)

– She and Samuel are quite close. He is like a favorite uncle to her.

– Her room at the Abbey is covered in occult symbologies. She perceives reality as an elaborate game system based on suffering and survival. She sees occult practices as a potential cheat code.

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One response to “Character Background: Jordan (6 CD Set. It’s Out. Buy It Or Puppies Across The Planet Will Die)

  1. J

    January 28, 2015 at 4:59 am

    Oh my… Jen’s back?!? Awesome! The Fallen is probably my favorite album of yours (though the Dieselpunk Opera certainly gives it a run for the money…), and her voice was absolutely beautiful there. If that *wasn’t* utilizing it properly, then I can’t wait to find out what is!


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