6 CD Set Due Jan 10th and Chatty Stuff

27 Dec

Hi folks. Hope your holidays have been great thus far. Here’s the news on New Albion and Slender Man fronts.

It’s a damn shame about the 6 CD set getting delayed, but there’s nothing that can be done. By the time Discmakers and CD Baby can get everything redone, given that it’s smack in the middle of the holiday, the set won’t be out until the 10th. Sorry again for the delay, but better late than having you buy it and it falling apart upon opening.

I have the first act of Slender Man pretty much figured out, but am going to wait in order to continue putting piece into place for the larger story. I can tell you several things though:

1. There will actually be a decent amount of subtle humor. This is not a joke opera like Cthulhu: The Funksical, it’s serious, but some well placed moments of humor will really help make it i believe. You can’t be over serious all the time and it works well to balance tension and alleviate the potential to over bloat oneself.

2. I will likely release a demo of Act 1 long before the full opera is complete, much like how i did with both the steampunk and dieselpunk operas. it’s a good way to gauge how the project is going and for you to see what the hell it’s actually going to be like.

3. I cannot recreate a horror movie or a horror game and i’m not going to try. I cannot do what visual mediums can do and for heaven’s sakes i have characters singing songs at one another. better to go for a heavy dose of wtf-ness. My goal is to develop a killer story, great characters, interesting concepts and twists and some really well done “creep you out” moments. A movie can spend 20 minutes following a character around a house just so you can jump when the evil thing attacks. I cannot do this and do not wish to. The methods i have developed doing the New Albion albums are what i will use and hopefully expand on or mutate to fit the new story.

4. I have the 1st Act very well thought out and i have the very end. One of these days i need to go to a cafe, sit for an hour and work out everything in between.

So there you go. I will likely start composition of Act 1 soon. I’ve been spending the past 10 days finishing the building of a room which was started back in the summer. The walls are made out of mud and straw and i needed to wait several months for them to dry. Since i’m out of time, we declared them dry enough and i put a layer of mud and lime plaster on them (all natural) thereby finishing the walls. After this dries i can paint them like i also painted the living room/kitchen this past 10 days also. It’s been busy and exhausting. All of this work is being done in anticipation of the baby that’s coming. The baby is due around Feb 15th, but my wife is convinced it’s coming early, and she’s usually right about these intuition things. We really need this second bedroom, so theoretically, if we can get hard wood floors on and paint the walls in time, we should be good to go.











Let me be absolutely clear: my brother in law (on the right there) is the brains behind everything. He knows what to do. He tells me (and helps). I follow directions.

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