Zoe Diary: Excerpt 1

19 Dec

Well there went our romantic evening.

Fucking Henry… of course that bum got into some bind (or i suspect just plain bailed to go get hammered) and rang up Reina to tell her he couldn’t take Ivy last night after all, so instead of Reina and i getting a nice romantic evening we got… well it was really nice too. it was like a little family nesting night.

The three of us snuggled up and watched Princess Bride, which Ivy had never seen (and LUUuuuuVED. Of course. Who doesn’t?). I won’t lie, i was a little tad disappointed, i had a whole evening ALL planned out. But the most important reason for our “special night” together was to help Reina relax and let go of this weirdness and paranoia that”s eating her up and starting to really freak me out. In that regard, last night was a complete success. It was so homey, and we milked it of course. Popcorn (and a little wine for the big girls), couch potato-ing, cozy homeness… it really did work. Reina was relaxed and happy and really herself. I hope so much that this lasts.

I honestly don’t believe Reina is suffering from mental illness. I mean, i can’t really know for sure, a year seems long, but in a relationship it could take that long for some things to come out. I just don’t believe it though. But then if that’s not the case then IS something following her? Some freaky tall man that stalks her outside? Who just… hangs out outside the house every few days, or lurks in the trees when she’s on her way to work or groceries or my place?

I’ve given up on the Henry theory. It’s not him. I was so convinced there for a minute, it made sense even if he’s too lazy to possibly commit to pulling something this creepy off for so long. But he honestly doesn’t give enough of a shit about Reina (or anything) and hasn’t for years, if ever. There’s just no reason. He doesn’t care that we’re together, he doesn’t care about much. He just wants to see Ivy when it’s convenient for him and is pretty satisfied to let Reina handle the heavy child raising.

We got her off the Veritasil awhile ago. It’s been over a month since she last took that shit (i could fucking punch that doctor i swear to Shiva I will too if ever see him) so if this was some weird paranoia side effect (Theory #2. ALSO SO CONVINCED) it should be well and truly gone by now. My best bet is this bullshit big pharma money grabbing brain bending bollocks pills ARE the cause and it just takes longer than expected for the side effects to wear off.

I don’t know. I would never give up something like our relationship up because Reina’s having a rough patch. Never. I will stand by her side. I will help with Ivy as best i can. We WILL get through this. This Too Shall Pass.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


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