The New Albion Trilogy Pre Order Questionnaire. Yes, There’s A Box Set.

07 Nov

Okay folks,

Even though release is about a month away, i need to get an idea of how many copies of each opera to make. I will make a few extra just in case.

This is not an obligation. There is no money involved here just yet. I’m just looking for a ballpark on how many or what albums.

The albums might very well be available both separately AND as a box set, but i’ll talk about the box set in a minute. If you buy all 3 you’ll get The Room Beneath New Albion, the hour long bonus album for free. (For those not interested in physical CDs it will be available on all online digital stores like itunes and bandcamp).

I am trying very hard to keep each album price around $15 (remembering that each is a two CD double album). I cannot absolutely guarantee that price just yet, but it’s likely.

I can offer a box set. BUT i cannot put The Room Beneath New Albion on it. Just… trust me, i can’t. The difference between a 6 CD package and a 7 CD package is all the difference in the world. You have no idea. The Room Beneath New Albion would be separate, no way around it. BUT the original trilogy would be in one nifty little box. 6 CDs plus a 20 page booklet, plus an 11 by 17 inch poster. (What would you like on the poster? The original steampunk opera cover? All 4 albums together? Winner of some best fan art contest?)

The box set is likely to be around $65. I am trying to chip it down to $60. I cannot make any promises.

Based on the answers to this poll here could determine if and what i manufacture.

So, here is a little questionnaire that you REALLY need to fill out if you want physical CDs. I will be posting this questionnaire over the next few weeks while i finish The Room Beneath New Albion and start arranging to get this manufactured. I will not make a TON of extra copies, especially of the box set. The album that will have the most extra copies available will be the Steampunk Opera. So, fill this out, let me know, there’s not money yet, don’t worry about that, i’m just getting numbers in.


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3 responses to “The New Albion Trilogy Pre Order Questionnaire. Yes, There’s A Box Set.

  1. J

    November 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Voted. For the poster, I’d love to see the SO cover art (preferably the alternate version of the instrumental mix, but either works and I’ll probably hang it up regardless of what you put on it).

  2. Amelia

    November 8, 2014 at 7:48 am

    Voted. I put myself down for both the box set and the four album option. If the box set happens the money will be shelled out. If not I’m buying all the things and no force on earth can stop me.

    Poster wise I’d love either the four albums together, though I always encourage fanart contests because I want to see all the things people make and have even more of an excuse to draw your characters.

  3. Intense Wizardry

    November 8, 2014 at 8:54 am

    So will we be able to buy the Room Beneath New Albion separately if we buy the Box Set, or is it only possible to get that through buying the three albums alone?


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