The Discarded Pirate Song (with a very, very special middle section)

30 Aug

Cover by Trevor List

In fact i believe the middle section of this tune to be my finest hour. When you listen, think Beethoven’s 9th, the 4th Movement.

So as many of you are aware, at the beginning of the summer i released the soundtrack to A Pirate’s Tale, a pirate musical i wrote the songs and lyrics for with book by Shaun Rolly. Well, this is a discarded song from that musical, never used or heard, worth one last breath of sunshine particularly for the middle section, which like i said, is quite possibly my finest moment.

At the time i made this, all the songs where very heavy and ponderous and we decided we really needed a light number, something cute and funny. So this was the demo i made for a comic relief song sung by the bumbling Jonathon (who is the comic relief of the script). Eventually it was discarded and i wrote instead Abagail’s Jig which definitely works better. However, since Shaun has dug this song up to put on the Pirate’s Tale Facebook page, i figured i’d give it one last spin before it gets retired again.

So, discarded, light hearted pirate song, (Initial demo version. It’s rough.)


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