A Quick Thank You

08 Aug

I was going to post on the upcoming performance of Dolls Of New Albion at the Edinburgh festival from Aug 11-16 (theSpace @ Venue45, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH (Venue 45)) and will do so tomorrow, but i want to take a second.

With the release of the AO i have gotten a lot of mail and comments that have utterly overflowed my heart with gushy fuzzies. A thank you is in order.

All you who have bought the album, thank you.

All you who listen to it and really like it, or i daresay, love it, thank you.

And all of you who have taken a moment to write me a kind word or two about my work, THANK YOU.

I sit here in a small village in a far off foreign country, madly pouring out these projects and throwing them on the internet, wondering if they will be liked, listened to, who listens to it, who is this invisible audience out there, and are they really there.

It is a lonely artistic existence. And then i release an album like the AO and in comes all this response and it’s… oh GAWD it makes me feel good. You’re there! You listen! You like! You’re… wow, you’re actually really moved. Like… honestly actually really into it. That’s so freakin’ awesome. That’s what i hope all along and there you are. On the other side of the bright screen.

Oh i love you screen people with so many lives and stories. With your words of encouragement and praise.

Thank you. You have NO idea how much it means. Thanks.

Back to silly videos now and the new season of The Killing. But you should know how much you make me glad.

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