The Complete Atompunk Opera Is Out

30 Jul

Yes, as promised, here is the post trumpeting that the complete opera is out. On Bandcamp. I’m sending it off to iTunes and all other online distributors today so give it a few days for those. But.. yay! Completed opera!


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????????? Whaddaya think?

Fun facts (might be a SPOILER, if you haven’t listened to the album best don’t read):

There are a few of you who have been around since the steampunk opera sampler, way before the album was released who know this: BUT, Elysian Nights was NOT the original song Jasper sang in Act 3. The original song was in fact Lost Night’s Lullabye. Jasper sang it and i’ve still got a copy floating around here somewhere. However Lauren sings it A MILLION times better, omg, like a million million times better. The song however predates even that. I’ve got an even older version laying around with ANOTHer girl, also named Lauren singing, but a different Lauren entirely. I’ll do a blog later this week and play you the 3 versions.

I couldn’t fit every piece of info into the AO, but mathematically represented, if r=p+c then l=s+t

I may post a filler post tomorrow and wait one more day to do a Q&A since i know many of you need some time to actually digest the damn thing. So Q&A will be on Friday. Any questions anyone has about the opera i will answer. I have few secrets left, although there is one line of questioning i KNOW will come up, which i will be coy about, since although it seems like what’s going on, it is just theory 1 and there is a theory 2 out there and sooner of later someone will go through the trouble of uncovering it.

But enough of these coy, vague shenanigans…. OH! OH YEAH! Wait, one more thing:

My power went out last night so i sat on my porch all night and considered the “bonus act”. And i thunk a lot of thunks. Here is the deal: the bonus act will likely be longer than a single act. Not a double album opera, but a single full length, 45 minute album, same length as the fairy tales albums. It will begin beFORE the steampunk era. It will feature the albino tribe, who btw, are the native inhabitants of the region, before New Albion was built. It will also feature one of the red haired line. Parts of it will take place in a very specific period of New Albion history, sometime during the operas but not directly connected to the opera stories. I will, just to be cheeky, have a moment where a specific song from one of the operas plays briefly in the background as a character passes by what’s happening, but this is not important. An albino princess, far from home, well, not far from where, just when, on a trying task, now lost. The tribe knows: The Game will be played, and they want no part of it.

Anyway, the complete Atompunk Opera is out! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have bought it and been following the series and listening and making this endeavor so joyous for me. I love you all, my dears.


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7 responses to “The Complete Atompunk Opera Is Out

  1. alexanderchesebro

    July 30, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    It was absolutely amazing! However, I definitely need time to digest the final act. I’ll save my questions for Friday though.

  2. absolutionjailor

    July 31, 2014 at 4:27 am

    What did I think? I think The Rescue Plan is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, and I know this was perhaps one of the most bittersweet endings to an era I’ve encountered. I’ve had the immense pleasure of discovering your work shortly after The Dolls was released, so each new installment I have awaited with bated breath, and each has left me speechless every time. Even now, I ramble because I’m incapable of describing how much I’ve loved the X-punk series.

    Are you aware of frisson? The entire fourth act was one extended sensation. Last night I drove around the countryside with the Atompunk Opera running through my speakers, lost in moonlight with no real destination. Your music moves me.

    I’ll save the vast majority of my questions until Friday, but I would like to know what time Friday you’re planning to do Q&A. Will it be an all-day thing? Timezone? Will it be here on the site or via some other means?

    Also, can you define these letters? If r=p+c then l=s+t.

    Thank you so much Paul, I’ve loved every step of the New Albion adventures. I can’t wait to purchase the box set and bonus act. Any mention on price point yet? I have some close, musical-loving friends with upcoming birthdays, and I’d love to have something physical to hand out.

    My endless appreciation,


    • paulms

      July 31, 2014 at 10:07 am

      Not simply thank you, but BLESS YOU, YOU go straight to Elysium when you die, and not the uninvited experience, the welcome with open arms experience. Don’t show up there without an invite. It’s a whole different party.


      The Q&A is not a specifically timed thing, people leave questions, i’ll answer them and when there are no more questions, i’ll stop. It won’t be live.

  3. Dan

    July 31, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    So if Rachael=Priscilla+Constance then Lee=Soldier 7285+Thomas ??? Ok, this might be my favorite of the three operas. I feel like I kinda get it! It was thrilling to listen to it, I was blown away. Congrats on another masterpiece! The Q&A should be fun, can’t wait.

  4. PK

    August 3, 2014 at 12:10 am

    My favourite song in this album is probably the Lovers song, possibly because it’s so different from the songs in your other albums. I’ve listened to it on repeat a number of times and every time, it makes me feel even sadder when i get to ‘The moth’. I didn’t quite catch all the plot points regarding exactly who Racheal was during the Lovers the first time, certainly didn’t twig she was male, so it was on replaying that I picked up on the little details. Terribly bittersweet. I almost want to be “that person” who writes a fanfic making them reunite again.

    I am very sad to see this series end. The final New Albion made me tear up a little. I understand why you’ve chose to though and I think as the conclusion to the series, this fulfils my every expectation. I am waiting to order the physical CD when it is released and will possibly follow the slenderman opera when it comes out (my hesitation is mainly because I’m very susceptible to horror and when I’m walking in the woods with my dog, Slender haunts me. Not sure if I want to add more fuel to that!). Thank you for your hard work and the energy you’ve plowed into these three albums. They are currently the highlight of my mp3 player.

  5. shannonbaxter14

    September 24, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    I would just like to say that I have been listening to the entire New Albion Operas for a while now. I discovered The Dolls of New Albion about a year ago, and had the great pleasure of watching a performance of the Opera in Oxford this year in March! I have adored the trilogy as a whole and I find that the Atompunk Opera is a wonderful conclusion to the entire series. Though I am eager to hear any possible Bonus Tracks that you are working on!! I also heard the Pirate Album, and the Fairy Tale Album and overall I really admire your style of music!

    I adore “The Dolls of New Albion” so much that I have been tempted to write a mini essay of sorts exploring the story and the characters in particular. I have yet to do that however! Since schoolwork calls for my attention at the moment.

    I could not tell you what my favourite songs were from each opera. But if I had to, from “Dolls of New Albion” it would have to be “Elysian Night”, “Annabelle’s Lament”, “The Burning of the Dolls”, and “Edgar Builds a Business”, for The New Albion Radio Hour it would have to be “Daddy Left”, “The Soiree”, “The Best of Times” and “The Finale”, and finally, for the Atompunk Opera, it would have to be “The Show that No One Saw”, “Rachael”, “What the Trite and Banal Say” and “Connor”

    I would love to add that myself and a good friend of mine would love to hear the Jasper version of “Lost Night’s Lullaby”, I am not sure if you have already posted something comparing all three versions of that song that you mentioned. But if you could direct me to where I could hear the song, that would be fantastic!!

    I look forward to hearing more fantastic albums from you sir!

    • paulms

      September 25, 2014 at 12:04 am

      Well bless your heart. I have been meaning to do a post on Lost Night’s Lullabye and will now make it a priority to do in the next few days. I’ve been trying to track down the original version of the song… it’s the one song that existed before any of the operas and there’s a 3rd singer. I wanted to showcase all 3 versions. I’ll do it in the next 2 days, although i may simply no longer have that 3rd version.


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