One More To Go

23 Jul

An Atompunk Opera, The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness, Act 3

Welcome back my friends to the show that… soon will end.

Yes, we have one more Act to go, the 4th, due out next week, usual time. I dearly hope you’ve all been enjoying the ride.

Next week i will release both Act 4 AND the entire album as a whole for those who have been waiting for it. I’ll do a separate post for each, although i’ll try to release them at the same time. Act 4 post, then full album post THEN a Q&A post for anyone who still has questions about plot points that were not explained in great detail due to not being able to fit everything in in great detail. As said, i don;t think anything important is not pretty clear but there may be details clear to me that are not as clear to you. Who knows, maybe there won’t be any questions, but the post will be there in case you want to ask. The comment section will naturally be spoiler laden, so steer clear of the comments if you don;t want spoilers. You can also of course email me. I get emails with questions sometimes and i never mind explaining.

After that i will make a priority of making the extra act to include on the box set.

I deliberated about whether to have the extra act ONLY on the box set, but i have decided against it. While it would make the box set extra special, it would be grossly unfair to all those who have been buying the albums all along, are content will digital copies, and obviously want the complete series. I couldn’t in good conscience ask you to shell out for the box set just to get a single act. What’s more, the entire point of a box set is that there are those who very specifically want physical copies and it’s because of them that a box set will exist, not to sell a bonus act. So yes, the bonus act will be a bandcamp download. I will probably not put it on itunes and amazon, etc. It’ll be there on Bandcamp for those who want it.

My general guess is this will happen end of October. Just hang on and be patient. I gotta write another act. I still don’t know when or who it’ll be about. We’ll have one last discussion on the matter.

After that, i will make Slenderman, A Dark Opera. I still don’t have permission, i still intend to get permission, but if i don’t get it, i will pursue the same relative course, but obviously i will adjust as needed. But for now let us say it’s gonna be Slenderman, A Dark Opera. ( that word “Dark” may very well change to something better, but it’s just a working title for now). A horror opera. A creepy opera. You know my style, i’ll work something interesting out as best i can. As usual, it will be finished a year from now.

After that i’ll have decided where to go for the next epic series.

So, there you go. The forecast short and long range.


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One response to “One More To Go

  1. Dave Pounds

    July 23, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Looking forward to the 4th and final act. The third was eerie but still really good. I am looking forward to see how it all ends.


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