Act 2 Of An Atompunk Opera: Disco Voodoopunks

16 Jul

Once again, welcome to Act 2 of An Atompunk Opera, out now! Check it out! Buy it now! Help a singer eat!

The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness, An Atompunk Opera Paul Shapera Act 2 Two

Okay folks, first of all,  thank you all so much for listening and buying, etc. This is Act 2 out of 4. I have waited SO LONG to finally get to this point, where all the pieces are finally set up and we can begin playing.

I hope you’re all enjoying it (obviously as it would kinda really suck for me if you’re not). I sit alone in a far off land, release this thing act by act into the computer world, watch the hits and listens and sales and wonder if it’s going down the way i designed it to. We’ll talk in depth in two more weeks. For now let me just thank all of you who are along for the ride. I love you all. Stay with me a little longer, cause after this is where shit gets interesting.

I would like to just point out that of course the singers are:

Lauren Osborn, KILLING it, and i mean just drop dead WAILing it out of the park as Rachael (and Adrian.)
Kayleigh McKnight as The Mascot 3000 (who we’ll get to in greater depth soon enough, but seriously, don’t you just want to drip that voice over an ice cream sundae?)
and of course the astonishing Oliver Marsh as Connor. (DAMN when that boy hits those high notes i get bloody chills)

How about these covers by Sarah de Buck? I LOVE these things. I want to eat them. Literally eat them.

That guitar you hear? That is courtesy of Matthew Broyles, especially i would like to point out, on the song The Lovers. He rockabillied the BEJEEZUS out of that tune. I swear, i wanted to release it without vocals, just the guitar.

Without these people, this opera would basically suck. They give it life, they make it fly. My undying, bottomless thanks to them.

All right then, tomorrow back to fun atompunky stuff while we wait for next week’s episode to appear.

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One response to “Act 2 Of An Atompunk Opera: Disco Voodoopunks

  1. Patrick Plonski

    July 17, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    The Lovers is such a great track. Starts out familiar but underdeveloped, and then they devise the plan and BAM guitar kicks in and it’s even more kickass than we remember from Act 1.


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