The Weird And Crazy Perks Of Donating To The Clockwork Hart Steampunk Opera/Fringe Festival Kickstart

15 Jun

Original Steampunk Opera Image (1)

So ya’ll remember how i done told yinz about this little theater company who wants to show The Dolls Of New Albion at the Fringe Festival, right? And how they need some money through their kickstarter campaign? Of course you do.

But have i told you of the weird and crazy perks donations can get you? For instance, i will personally video myself playing you the song of your choice for on of the donation bars. Yes, i have done it before and will do it again:

You can also receive copies of songs written for the operas but never used. Huh?

But hell, those aren’t even close to my favorites. Check THIS shit out: You can request any two character from the opera to go on an awkward date together and a A VIDEO OF THAT AWKWARD DATE WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU.

Now holy shit, THAT is awesome.  It’s…that’s just… come on, that’s just bloody batshit crazy right there. I would pay money to see that alone.

You want a copy of the Steampunk Opera piano sheet music songbook? That’s been in the works for awhile now. Get a copy LOOOOONG before it comes out for reals.

Here’s a list of the very strange and rather interesting perks (it’s starts to get really interesting the higher it gets, obviously):


A shout-out will be added to our Facebook and Twitter page, and you will be added to the “Supporters” page on our website! 


 You will receive a signed ‘thank you’ postcard from the cast and crew in Edinburgh, plus all of the above! 


A download of our unique playout music from the Oxford show – plus your very own Voodoopunk Armband, showing that you’re ready to dance each night with the dead! Plus all of the above, naturally. 


 All of the above, plus a poster signed by the Edinburgh cast and Paul Shapera – as well as an illustrated recipe for Edgar’s Lime Pie – guaranteed to stop you from dying inside! 


All of the above, plus an unreleased track of Paul Shapera’s choosing, alongside a letter of thanks from a character of your choice! 


All of the above, all of the bonus unreleased tracks available – and a download of Paul’s Q&A video from the Oxford show. 


Now here’s where it gets interesting. Are there two characters from the Steampunk Opera that you always thought should get together? Tell us who they are and we will send you a video of them going on an awkward date. Plus a New Albion family tree artwork print – and all of the above! 


All of the above, plus a New Albion T-shirt, and downloads of ALL of the awkward date videos.


For this, the writing group currently working with Paul on his next album will write you a short story on a prompt of your choice – choose any word or phrase and the writing-monkeys will get on it! Also, if you’re up in Edinburgh, we will buy you a pint and you can have a drink with the cast and crew. Plus all of the above!


All of the above, plus either (for video download): 1. a personal ‘thank-you’ song written especially for you, and performed on ukuleles on top of Arthur’s Seat by the Production Team OR 2. Paul Shapera covering a classic rock song of your choosing on piano. (No Bohemian Rhapsody, please.) You will also have a free album download from Paul Shapera.


All of the above, plus a Dolls of New Albion songbook! Furthermore, we will send you a piece of original artwork based on the show.


We love you! You get all of the above, plus “Executive Producer” credit on our website. If you’re in Edinburgh, you get to hang out with us – yay! 

Ah hell, if you give £500 or more, this sin’t on the Kickstarter site, but i’ll name a character in an upcoming album after you. Give this one a good perk.

I’d like to see these guys make it to Ediburgh. I mean, they’re performing my show for heaven’s sakes and apparently no one’s holding any of their loved one hostage tog et them to do it (my usual method). Plus, i’d like to go to Ediburgh. This would give me an excuse to do so.

So consider giving these folks a chancebut MOSTLY…. WHO could pass up an awkward date video? Dude, i LOOOOVE the awkward date video. I have GOT to see this. ( i wonder if they’ll let me see them even if i can’t afford the donation bar?)


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One response to “The Weird And Crazy Perks Of Donating To The Clockwork Hart Steampunk Opera/Fringe Festival Kickstart

  1. Miss Alexandrina

    June 16, 2014 at 9:44 am

    There was an Oxford show? Gutted I missed that! Edinburgh is a looong way for me. 😛


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