Dolls Of New Albion, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Kickstarter

13 Jun

Folks, there’s a theater company called Clockwork Hart Productions and they want to perform Dolls Of New Albion at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera

They need help. They need just a hair of money through kickstarter to make this happen.

I urge you to consider a donation. I would love to one day see Dolls Of New Albion at a major theater, full balls to the wall production, music blowing your hair back like wind, singers making you say “Holy (vulgarity of your choice)!”, sets that put you in another world, costumes, lighting, an incredible, immersive experience that will blow your ass away which i swear i can sometimes envision and i know some of you can too.

This scenario does not happen because one day you bump into a billionaire on the street, maybe save their dog from a screeeching car about to kill them and when they ask how they can ever repay you just give you bazillions to take your show to every great theater in every great city. No, this scenario happens because a show claws its way up from nothing and gradually more and more people notice it and get interested in it.

Having a show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a great chance to help this happen. It gets it out there. The more it’s out there the more people it attracts and one day it attracts people who can help it in ways that change the whole game.

I am not personally involved in the performance, i cannot tell you much about it. I have met some of the people involved and i love them and i love their interests and motivations and how they walk their walk.  I cannot speak to the performance, i will not know until i see it, but i can speak towards them. They’re worth the chance.

If you feel the show is worth the chance please consider donating to the Kickstarter fund. It’s no guarantee of anything, but the more times the show is put up in front of more and more people, the more it stands a chance of one day, ONE DAY, getting to that wonderful, mystical city of Game Changer and one day come to a theater near you in full regalia with the intensity of Heisenberg meth.

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