We Race Across Continents On A Pirate Adventure

09 Jun

Cover by Trevor List

The past two weeks have been frantic. I have been involved in creating the music and lyrics for a pirate show (written by Shaun Rolly) and just before it opens in Pittsburgh (on June 11th) i have flown to the states to record a cast album for the show. Which is now done and will be online tomorrow.

Flying 6,000 miles west, ignoring jet lag in order to spend 10 hours a day for 4 days recording the cast as they revolve in and out. Then whoop! back on the plane to europe to drop and immediately mix the whole thing so it can be done on time. Ignoring jet lag yet again.

I’ve posted a few tracks on my personal Facebook page and so i’m gonna post two here now for your perusement. After this, it’s a big wedding weekend this weekend and lots of people are going to suddenly descend upon my village and my house. Once that’s over, it’s Atompunk time! I gotta get the lead sheets to the singers so i can record the atompunk opera! June is a brutal bitch.

Okay kids, fun pirate songs from fun pirate musical! Yay! Who doesn’t like pirates?


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One response to “We Race Across Continents On A Pirate Adventure

  1. Dave Pounds

    June 10, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Is there a place where we could purchase the full sound track?


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