05 Apr

Okay i have to change all the G chords in the verses of the last song to Bm chords, but otherwise, the 3rd act is basically in the bag.

In each of the operas i have a personal favorite act. In both the steampunk and the dieselpunk operas it’s the 1st Acts. It may be no coincidence that those were also the first acts conceived for the pieces. Thus far in the Atompunk, it’s the 3rd, which interestingly was pretty much the first Act conceived. The opera sprung up around the idea “well what if….” and then from that scenario the rest fell into place.

I will begin the 4th Act. The toughest thing about the 4th Act is i have to answer a whole bunch of questions you’ll all have by that point. i HAVE the answers to all the questions, it’s just a matter of… well look you can’t just stand there have them deliver long explanations. the Narrator walk out, raps a 5 minutes explanatory aria, cue warner bros closing music, ta DA! Done.

Plus we have a situation which much be resolved and resolved it shall be. I’m missing a single plot point. i know what happens to every aspect of the situation and characters and i’m just missing one event that will get from point C to point D. But don’t worry, that’s not your problem.

I will also over the next week make the arrangement to record the vocalists, most likely in late June. may is vaguely possible, but not really. I have to go to the states and record singers there for a pirate show and get that album done so it can be sold at the summer performances in Pittsburgh. PLUS i need time in between finishing the AO and recording the singers to insure there’s not some major suckage that i’m missing.

When i made the steampunk opera, the 3rd Act was very different from how you know it. Byron was an entirely different character. The Voodoopunks didn’t exist, there was just a general gothy youth movement with a completely different song. it wasn’t until i sat on it for a month or so and got some feedback from Mark Swetz that i realized the 3rd Act could be so much more. In fact, i realized it so late, i literally wrote In The Movement 2 days before leaving for London to record the singers and had them record 2 different versions of Act 3 in case i was making a dumb mistake by changing it so late in the game.

I need time in between “finishing” the writing of it and recording the vocalists. i need to send the album to my trusted consultant Kevin Hulburt and Mark Swetz and maybe even Reggie Lutz to review and make sure i’m not making abd choices that i don’t see.

So late june. Probably a July release. I would mention again this album will be released differently. I will release one Act every week for 4 weeks. THEN i’ll release the entire thing as one package (if you’ve gotten the week by week release it won’t matter, you’ll have the whole thing by then anyway.)

The AO’s version of the Voodoopunk song is by far my favorite of the 3 operas. It’s not in Act 3, but i’m just saying.

Anyway, there’s your update. Act 3: done. Act 4: comin’ up.

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