Clockwork Hart Production of Dolls Opens Tonight

19 Feb

Tonight the Clockwork Hart production of Dolls of New Albion opens and I want to take a moment and hope they break a leg.

i am here in Oxford, but I will wait until tomorrow to attend. it’s a thing… Opening night and all that. Give em opening night to get the kinks and nerves worked out. not that in this case there ‘ll be any problems, I’m sure they’ll rock it to Valhalla and back, it’s theatrical superstition on my part.

So here’s to the few, the proud, the ass kickers of clockwork hart both alive and dead who venture out this evening to tell their sordid tale. May the force be forever on your side living long and prospering there is no spoon.

In the meantime you can check out really cute rehearsal photos and try and figure out which part of the show they’re from at

Which is pretty dorky thing to do, but I’m just sitting her at the hostel, really tired, too early to go to bed, too early to drink beer, and too brain dead to do anything productive having already spent the past few hours reading my kickass book by Peter Hamilton (the reality dysfunction).

So much luck and see y’all tomorrow night!

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One response to “Clockwork Hart Production of Dolls Opens Tonight

  1. Yaz

    February 19, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Exciting! Looking forward to seeing on Saturday =3


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