I Think I’ll Do A 3 Song Sneak Peak Tomorrow

16 Feb

I think i’m going to upload 3 songs from Act 2 of the Atompunk Opera tomorrow, instrumental of course, for those of you who follow the blog and who care to get a first taste of.

I would mention a few things:

– these are all tracks made during the past week. Much more fussing could occur. They directly relate to what i’ve been talking about the past few posts and will illustrate how i solve those issues. At least for now.

– They have a very particular feel that is not representative of the other Acts. Act 2 has a very distinct sound. As does Act 1. Act 2 is really far into electronicy sounds, particularly my decision to mostly use electronic drums (mostly) and the funky disco elements. These will not be present in other Acts. (okay, electronicy drums will, but only as dressing, not as the main drum sound)  I don’t want you to hear this and think that is the overall sound of the Atompunk Opera. It’s not, but it is of Act 2.

– I could play instrumentals from Act 1, i’m really proud of the music from Act 1, but since i’m working on Act 2 it’s more relevant to me at this moment. More so, i’m very proud of the type of orchestration i’ve stumbled across for Act 2. It stretches well outside of the sound style of any of the previous operas, although it still stays within the compositional framework all 3 operas rest in. Act 2 reflects more than any other Act the furthest changes musically representing New Albion from the Steampunk Opera, into the Dieselpunk, and now into a new and different era.

In a nutshell, don’t judge the entire opera by these 3 songs. They were just written and Act 2 in which they live, is very particular in its identity.

Ah, you know what? I can’t… i must include a track from Act 1 to demonstrate the changes in style. So 4. 4 tracks. it’s probably too much, but you don’t have to actually listen to them all.

Since there are no vocals you’ll have to just float with it. It will not always be interesting since vocals are meant to go on top of almost all of it.

I like the idea of writing these 3 operas with as much transparency as i can be comfortable with. I think showing snippets of my work progress along the way can serve this end well.

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