Thug Notes

10 Feb


Thug Notes

This is my new favorite thing, the YouTube series Thug Notes. It’s this dude giving a short, cliff notes type of discussion on classic works of literature in a… you know, totally “thug” type approach.

“Now break yourself a this here symbol, Blood…”

Every episode Sparky Sweets gives a run down of a classic book, gangsta speak dissertation style. The premise seems like it comes built in with a few easy laughs, you know, black guy talks all urban about white literature, but it’s actually shockingly awesome. Here’s the thing, behind the cute premise, this guy is GOOD. His take on literature is honestly incredibly insightful, and he manages to offer some excellent insight on the books in question in a absolutely minute space of time as an truly endearing character based host.

I would try to write a really clever approximation of his speech style, but honestly, my urban speak is woefully crappy. And why bother, i’ll let the the man Sparky himself do the talking:

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