The steampunk opera performance in Oxford

24 Jan

By January 26 a website will be up with all the information you could possibly want about the upcoming performance of The Dolls Of New Albion. However, in the interest of giving you as many details ahead of time as possible (since it’s been mentioned some of you would like to make plans to come see it) this is what i know:

The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera will be performed by Clockwork Hart Productions from February 19th-22nd (with a Saturday matinée on the 22nd) at the Auditorium of Corpus Christi College. There will be a website up in just a few days with more information.

There you go. I will of course be attending and i believe doing a Q&A on one of the nights (probably Wed) at the company’s request, although i personally have no involvement in the show. Which is awesome. I gave them free reign to do as they wish with it, and i will simply fly to Oxford, take a seat in the audience and watch the performance with no clue whatsoever as to what i’m going to experience. No muss, no fuss.

In a few days when the website is up i’ll give y’all its url but until then that’s all i know. Perhaps i’ll see some of you there.


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