The Rokoko Girls

19 Jan
The Rokoko Girls

The Rokoko Girls

Our lovely Lauren Osborn, also known as Annabelle and Constance in the Steampunk and Dieselpunk Operas is in a modern day Anderson Sisters trio which performs under the name The Rokoko Girls.

Amalgamating contemporary songs with vintage sounds, they’ll bugle boy of company B the bejeezus out of any song they get their hands on.

Lauren Osborn

Lauren Osborn

Katriona Perrett

Katriona Perrett

 Maryanne Hedges

Maryanne Hedges

The Rokoko Girls are made up of Lauren Osborn, Katriona Perrett, and Maryanne Hedges. The unsung chef of their secret sauce is Benjamin Holder who does most of the arrangements. Their attire is designed and made by Emma Golding at Oh Sew Vintage.

Benjamin Holder The Rokoko Girls

Benjamin Holder

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We feature them today singing their Crazy mash up.

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