The Band That Never Was, Episode 5

08 Jan

Once again my friends it is time to tune into my favorite podcast, the continuing story of The Average Deep.

Yes, a new episode is out and once again i will tell you why you should be listening to this awesomeness and why it rules.

The Band That Never Was follows the true course of a rock band a group of friends had in their high school and college years. Have you ever been in a band in high school or college? Ever tried to do someone thing ambitious at that period of life? Hell, were you ever alive that that age? Because this podcast NAILS IT.

Seriously, this is EXACTLY what that period of life is like. The podcast, where the  members involved tell their little stories and work through the history of a little, unknown band when they were all young is the most true thing ever. This is EXACTLY how it is. HOnestly, these are my exact stories. These are the stories of every other shmuck i knew who tried to have a go at a band at that age. It’s so true… it really does nail this slice of life.

You should listen to it. The new episode is here:

Episode 5

but if you want to start at the beginning, you can begin here.

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