Cheesy Atompunk Music

02 Nov

The Tornados - Telstar

What the hell does Atompunk music sounds like? I am asking myself that question a WHOOOOOOOOOLE lot.

Well, this is from the period itself, early 60s, and i think kind of has a total Atompunk thing going on. Telstar by The Tornados.

I would note that i’m about ready to begin composing The Atompunk Opera. Now i’m waiting on one thing. I don’t have a clear idea beyond certain moods of what the 1st Act should sound like. I have a bunch of ideas, all good, but i’m missing a sort of… when the beat actually kicks in what that sound should be. 2nd Act? Got it. 3rd Act? Got it. 1st Act? I know how the melancholy stuff will sound. I know how the spacy stuff will sound. But when the drums and rhythm are present? Still forming ideas.

This song is not it. But i am taking notes on the xylophone and bells sound. That’s a pretty big late 50s early 60s period thing and i think will work, so i’ll steal that. But i’m still baking on the groove.

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