Fairy Tales for Homeless Faeries

29 Sep
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Chameleon by Sheila Wolk

So, the Fairy album.

This fairy album has perplexed the crap out of me. I always expected a fairy album would sound a certain way, and what i’ve got is…. something altogether different.

I had these stories, right? So i started putting them to music. And the music would want to fit with the story. But also, at the same time, i found myself making various musical decisions based around getting to play with new and fun orchestrations, ecletic stuff that didn’t all have to fit in a strict mold (like steampunk or dieselpunk). And i thought, what the hell am i doing? I’m making a fairy album that doesn’t sound a damn thing like a fairy album. What the hell? I can’t put this out. I’ll embarass myself. The people who actually like my work will think i’ve totally lost it and i’ll fail horribly and no one will ever listen to a thing i do ever again.

You know, the usual artistic thought process.

(this is sadly close to an accurate portrayal of me working:)

Anyway.. i was completely despondent. I had other work to concentrate on so i threw it aside and vowed never to release it, or at least to maybe come back to it after the AO when maybe i’d actually be able to make a proper album.

Time passed as i focused on other work. One night i thought what the hell and loaded the tracks for the Fae album thinking what the hell, it had been awhile, i’ll just check in.

I was shocked to discover that i really, really liked it. Once i got over the fact that it was simply not going to sound like what one might think it SHOULD sound like, one had to admit, it was truly interesting and engaging on its own terms. I think. I mean, the stories themselves are kind of awesome, and the music is good, just not… look, it ain’t gonna Loreena McKennitt, which i okay, since she’s already doing herself just fine.

So what i actually have is an ecclectic album of interesting fairy stories. I’ve got 6 songs basically done and need 2 more to complete the album. So let’s say in about a month. I want to farm out a part or two and i’ve got the illustrious Matthew Broyles helping me by playing some guitar and lord knows what i’ gonna do for the artwork… the stories seem to mostly be about urban fairies, but not exclusively… out of the two stories i have left to write, i think i have one written, but i’ not sure how to actually pull off a song about Crystalis, The Communist Factory Fairy… ah, the usual dilemmas that make up my day.

So yeah,  new album in about a month. The point was to pause in between the Dieselpunk and the Atompunk operas and do something different to give me time to gestate the atompunk opera. Which has worked really well. I’ve got things really well thought through before even playing a single note, which is good. Stretching out and trying new ideas and sampling some other methods is hugely important.

Anyway, there you go. A new album in a month. A simple $5 affair, like the previous Fairy Tale album. Sad and emotionally perplexing songs about people/fairy interactions.



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4 responses to “Fairy Tales for Homeless Faeries

  1. connor

    September 29, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    sounds interesting! I’ll make sure to keep an ear out for it!

  2. Dan Kowalski

    September 30, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    The Communist Factory Fairy is going to be my new favorite thing. Genius.

    • paulms

      September 30, 2013 at 11:33 pm

      Thank you for that. I was questioning whether it was too insane to actually try to pull off in song (the story itself works, though) but your comment has made me decide that i’m gonna move heaven and hell to make it awesome.

  3. forthferalz

    December 2, 2017 at 2:36 am

    I am listening to the fall of Avalon … and tears for this are falling … we are all children of a diaspora or the war that took the new kingdom here.


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