Celtic Music and The Fairy Album

17 Jul


As you may know, the next album i’ll be doing in between the Dieselpunk Opera and the Atompunk Opera is an album of stories involving faeries, which is indeed underway.

It brings up the question of whether to use celtic music. Celtic music, fairies, the connection is obvious. I could certainly do a great celtic centered album. But i don’t want to do a celtic centered album. I want the music to be more eclectic and to try out different feels and orchestrations. I don’t mind using a little of the obvious, it can create an instant deep emotional reaction, but i have no desire to do something straight ahead obvious like a celtic flavored fairy album. One of these days i’ll touch on my irish roots musically, but not today.

Still, i do want some subtle flavoring in there. Here and there, around the edges.

Thus today, i’m going to go ahead and featues a few songs from some well known celtic bands. I’m not an expert in the field, but i will try to avoid the usual new agey celtic music that many think about when they think “celtic music”. Not to diss it, i love Loreena McKennitt and Clannad’s long lasting influence is undeniable. But… no. Not today.

Here are five celtic tracks for your day.

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