Working and Listening

01 Jul

This summer most of my working time is taken up with actual paying gigs. I have been hired to make music for this awesome little video game for the ipad. An adventure game with time travel and everything. It’s being developed by the fine folks at and i’m delighted to be a part of it.

I also have to do some more work (including the dreaded lead sheets) for a pirate show i was also hired to write music and lyrics to. Written and Directed by Shaun Rolly, a longtime colleague and friend with whom i go way back it will be performed weekly on an actual ship. The city of Pittsburgh, from where i originate, is a city of three rivers, and they have a small fleet of ships, the Gateway Clipper fleet, some small some fancy dinner cruise big. One of those big ships is being refitted to accommodate this show. I’ve been working on this on and off for 6 months and this fall the show begins staged readings in order to prepare.

I also dabble with the Fairy album. While serious work will not commence until closer to summer’s end, 6 of the 8 stories are written. One song is actually recorded and in decent shape, but not fully arrived. A few musical dabbles have been given to the first song.

In preparation for the fairy album, and because i creatively need more food, i listen nightly to new albums. Colin Stetson, Daughter, Boards of Canada, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Ros, Baths, all stuff released in 2013 as per my little self imposed rules.

To be clear, the Fairy album will not have some set genre like the Whateverpunk operas or other albums i’ve done. It’s much like Fairy Tales of the Lost and Wandering in that it’ll be whatever orchestration i feel like or the song. (although Fairy Tales ftLaW had a self imposed rule that it had to be piano dominant, which i even stuck to a few times)

And that is my musical life at the moment. I may or may not post a fairy story in written form on here. I’m not sure i will, i’d like them to be experienced as songs first.

Anyway, there you go. Just being chatty.


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