Will Cover Anything

15 Jun

My good friend and occasional music collaborator Matthew Broyles sent everyone he knows a very touching notification a few days ago.

He is looking to get his 6 year old son into a new school, one trying something outside the public school method. Schools in the states with that damn No Child Left Behind bullshit… oh Lord, don’t get me started.

He’s a working musician like myself, actually maintaining a living solely based on music, and thus money is usually tight. He made all his friends, family fanbase an offer, donate $50 or more and he will make a cover of any song you request. ANY song, no matter how crazy.

As someone who lives in a similar situation, i can relate, and there are often times i could not send this $50. However, you are kind enough to buy my albums, so i in turn can send it along to my friends in need.

He mentioned he would post it even if it’s utterly humiliating.

He’s got a baritone voice and really dry delivery.

Dude. When a good buddy says he will cover any song, no matter how ridiculous, i’ll be honest. My first temptation is to make him cover this:

That’s the evil choice. But it is SOOOOOO perfectly evil.

Of course, what about a song that seems like the last thing he’d ever cover, but who knows? Might pull some crazy version of that totally redefines and surprises.

Thus i thought of having him cover this:

But in the end i went the high road (i suck). I requested a song i love and would be dying of curiosity to hear his take on:

So. Let’s see what happens…


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