The End Is In Sight

17 May

Oh yes it is. Technically, i have done a rough mix of every song. Granted, almost every song has some mix problems that need remixed and little bits and pieces here and there, but thanks to some 12 hour days the end is approaching.

There are several points in which i have creamed myself over the singers’ performances. Swooned. Peed.

I am working so feverishly, that i am not even writing this blog post in one go. I am writing sentences while particular tracks mix down.

I could talk in length about come aspect of the mixing process (anything anybody want to know?) but that would require focus and concentration, and like i said, sentence by sentence. Hang on, gotta go back.

See? It’s some time later since iw rote that last sentence. Hell, i’m on a completely different track.

Back again.


Okay, this is stupid. Clearly i do not have time to bang out a blog post, but i that is because i am mixing and tonight for the first time will listen to the entire album with singers, although with mostly imperfect mixes. But it’s pretty close…

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