Meet Oliver Marsh

30 Apr

Oliver Marsh

The part of John O’Brien in the upcoming Dieselpunk Opera album will be sung by Oliver Marsh. Some of you may recognize him from the steampunk opera workshop where he was Edgar, Byron and Soldier 7285.

However, sadly, he does not exist only to serve me and my purposes. He does a wide range of theater, singing, acting, he sings in a band (Sailor)… hell, the guy can sing both opera and rock and roll.


Rock and Roll:

However, what intrigues me the MOST is that he’s played Bruce Springsteen AND Elwood Blues. (You know, Blues Brothers Elwood Blues?) That’s the key to my heart right there…

So, to recap:

1. Here’s Oliver Marsh. He’s awesome.

2. Dieselpunk Opera. Album. Coming.

3. For no particular reason here’s an easter egg give away: Soldier 7285. The numbers are not random. They spell out letters on a cell phone. Those letters are Paul. Yes that is my name, but that is NOT who they refer to. They refer to St. Paul, who was a policeman persecuting Christians, but who had a conversion experience regarding the sacrificed Jesus and went about spreading the word and in a sense bringing down the Roman Empire. Soldier 7285 is the St. Paul of the Steampunk Opera. He is a policeman who has a conversion experience regarding the sacrifice of Prisicilla (who instead of sacrificing herself so that someone may live, sacrifices herself so someone may die) and sets about to bring about the fall of the current regime. Also, if Annabelle is the one who begins the Fall (although in this case, instead of ending eternal life, she actually invents it), which gets worse and worse each generation, Prisicilla is the one whose sacrificial death breaks the downward spiral and begins the reversal process.

He’s a saint. He’s a soldier. He’s a dieselpunk death machine. He’s…. Oliver Marsh.


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2 responses to “Meet Oliver Marsh

  1. damaen

    May 1, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    So then Act 1 that’s on bandcamp will sound different?
    Also, will you include lyrics like you did for SO?
    I’m sooo excited! I can’t wait for Dieselpunk!!

  2. paulms

    May 1, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Yes, the Act 1 on Bandcamp is just a demo. The final version will be different, although mostly just change in voices. I’m not rewriting any of it as i’m pretty happy with the content. I will DEFinitely include lyrics. Definitely. And i’m not only very happy you’re excited, i can’t wait for that moment when i get to sit back and listen to the finished thing for the first time.


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