Order Of The Stick

05 Mar

I am working 10 hours a day on the 3rd Act of the Dieselpunk Opera. It’s been tricky posting because… well… i’m working as hard as i can already and the time it takes to bang out a blog post i could be playing the bassline to Song 4.

Anyway, today we feature an utterly kick ass online comic that i’ve been reading for years now. Seriously, i’ve been following this story for years and just adore it. It’s called Order Of The Stick.

It’s currently on episode 878. I have no idea how long it’ll go on, but it’s a never ending enjoyment. It’s technically a “stick figure comic” (but don’t let that fool you, the art is amazing) about a group of adventurers from a Dungeon & Dragons campaign. There are numerous D&D in jokes, so… if you have an even passing familiarity with the game you REALLY should be trying this comic out.

I’m gonna post a few of them here, but really, you should get over to the official site. The beauty of this comic is that it starts out cute and fun, but gets…. EPIC. Sersiously. EPIC.

I would also point out the writer and artist needed to scrounge up some cash to print the comics into books. He started a Kickstarter Campaign. He raised a million dollars because the online fan base for this thing is RABID.

Give it a try. Read 10 a day for a week and see if you don’t get obsessively hooked.

(OFFICIAL ORDER OF THE STICK SITE LINK HERE, just in case you missed it before)


order of the stick

order of the stick

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