A Trip Through Chernobyl

17 Feb


So speaking of disasters in Russia (seriously, exploding meteor?!?! I don’t know if there’s a person on this planet who did not utter the words “Holy FUCK” when they found out and saw pics of that) here’s a great site chronicling a woman named Elena’s motorcycle trip through Chernobyl a few years ago.

A Trip Through Chernobyl

The blog is great. Lots of pics and of course she carries around a radiation meter. I highly recommend perusing                            it, which is of course why i’m featuring it on today’s installment. She even met a guy who lives there, one of 3,500 who refused to leave. Out of them only 400 survive. She discusses the after effects of the disaster and lots of interesting tidbits.









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One response to “A Trip Through Chernobyl

  1. Blackfyr

    February 19, 2013 at 4:25 am

    I’ve seen the blog and it turns out that, while the photos are real, the framing story is fake. There are regular tours that will take you through safe(r) zones, but no one is allowed to travel through there unescorted on a motorcycle. In fact, they don’t allow motorcycles in or out of the restricted zone. She tells a good tale, but at least some of the photos were staged and the tour guides were upset with the photographer for moving the artifacts around.


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