Home… Home Again

18 Jan

And thus my trip to the states comes to a close. I have seen the Motherland, i have shown my little 4 year old the glory that is the mother soil, we have smelled the air scented with freedom, tasted the beer flavored with hops and liberty and eaten like gorging piggies the food flavored with cheaply imported 3rd world spices, way too much sugar and the promise of a new tomorrow.

One day i shall return.

So i hope you’ve enjoyed the stories that provided me much amusement as i would find a cafe every afternoon and pretty much improvise another tale on the spot. If in the future you ever want to be told more, let me know and i’ll continue writing them. For the moment i’ll assume everyone is thoroughly tired of them and could use a break.  Actually, i have no idea why ya’ll check this blog. I can see the numbers, ya’ll is checkin’ it, i just have no idea why or what you’re lookin’ for. Perhaps just the cheap, back alley scraps of entertainment i excel in providing, much like the sax playing wino who hangs out outside the dingy titty bar, providing the desperate, balding, oily patrons a paltry moment of amusement as they guiltily sludge their way out of the that cheap place, too much bad booze drunken and too much money paid for unsatisfying lap dances by bored, aging, chain smoking dancers.

But i ramble.

I would be rambling because i’m on my like, 5th cup of coffee, because i am totally and completely jet lagged and my entire sleep cycle is utterly shot to shit. The only time i’m not tired is between midnight and 7AM, the rest of the day i’m so fatigued my brain is in a constant fog. I also didn’t sleep a wink on the 20 hour 3 airplane flight home which i spent with my poor 4 year old who upon arriving back in Belgrade promptly got a fever and is sick with flu as we speak.

However, all this shall pass. A few days and we’ll all be back up to snuff.

SO… what is coming up that any of you should acre about?

Well… the video of the workshop is done. It is uploading as we speak and i’ll be deciding what of it to post here on the blog.

In a mere few days i shall begin work on the 2nd Act of The Dieselpunk Opera. The first 3… tracks ( i think only 2 of the first 3 tracks are actually songs because of the opening bit which is takes us back and deeper into the radio show world as opposed to the story world…. don’t worry about it, i know what i’m doing, it’ll make sense) are all planned out, melodies plot and everything, so we’re set to go. (except for lyrics, lyrics always come last) I’m not sure exactly how long the Act will be, but it’ll be longer than normal, i can tell you that. Not sure if it’ll actually be a double length act, but it’ll clock over a half hour i think.

Now that’ i’ve planned out the plot i actually have to stop caring about the plot so much and think or and acre about more muscially. The music must flow. It is more important that the music flows. The plot will not matter as much as the flow of music will, so i must make sure i don’t sacrifice flow of music because i’m trying to cram plot crap in. And there’s a bunch of plot crap, so i must proceed carefully.

So there you go. Video of workshop is done and composing and recording of 2nd Act of Dieselpunk is about to begin. Just as soon as i can think straight again.

Cheers, all.



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