The Performances

30 Nov

I will post some video, but you’ll have to wait until the performances are done. Asap, i promise.

As to how they’re going… i’m not the person to tell you. I play piano for it, so i’m sitting there worrying about not messing up and mostly happy when i or no one else messes up.

After the shows we have some questions and answers and there have been some good questions. I don’t know if i’ve given good answers because i’m in that post show jittery state.

It feels like things are going okay… as each night goes by the performances are getting smoother and smoother.

What has been very nice is the opportunity to meet some people who have enjoyed the Steampunk Opera and who came a ways just to see this. Two fine gentlemen from Northern England were there on the first night and i got to chat with them and put faces to names in the comment section. I lift my glass to you. And to the girl last night who flew in from Norway JUST TO SEE IT: Bless you. If you tell me who you are i will send you… anything you want. A video of the making of the show? Of the performance? A pre-release copy of The Dieselpunk Opera? (Jonathan, you guys can have this too) You left before introducing yourself and i had no idea you came so far for our tiny little workshop, but i wish you had introduced yourself because i would have thanked you and thanked you for caring so much or given you a medal, or a flower or SOMEthing.

Anyway, i know most of you out there are curious to see footage or hear how it’s going. Footage will come. There is little else i can tell you. I mean, no one has thrown spoiled vegetables at us or anything, so, you know, that’s always a good thing. I can tell you this, tonight and tomorrow will be recorded and i hope they’re the finest nights of the run. And let’s just hope this all leads somewhere.

A huge Thank You everyone who’s come and may be reading this. I really do hope you’ve enjoyed it and we hope we get the opportunity to bump it all up a notch, develop these ideas (you should hear what the ACTUAL vision for some of these ideas are. The little projection thing at the beginning? You’d have to imagine that much bigger, much more fully animated, and depicting the changes to New Albion at the beginning of each generation in each new Albion song.)

Also, the puppet is kicking ass, as are our excellent performers. I’ll post some vids when i can, i promise.


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4 responses to “The Performances

  1. Story Weaver

    November 30, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    I’ll be there tomorrow!

    • Marz

      November 30, 2012 at 3:42 pm


  2. Pedro (Suit-guy with Jon)

    November 30, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Paul, thank you for such an amazing performance on Wednesday! You have a very talented group there and I think even though you couldn’t have your full band, in some ways the intimacy of the show that was forced by the venue enhanced the actual performance – at least for me.

    I hope that you will preform it some more if your schedule allows it, and maybe do a performance elsewhere in the UK (Devon has a few theaters hehe).

    Also thank you greatly for answering the question regarding Simon the Albatross, Jon was very much curious about that for a few months now and he might have exploded if he hadn’t got a chance to ask you =D

    Best of luck for tonight and tomorrow, I am sure it will be an amazing performance, after all the one we saw was =D

  3. Sokik

    December 8, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    I will forever begrudge the Great Western Railway that my confirmed tickets were not issued for which I ultimately missed the performance.


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