Performing In A Shoebox

25 Nov

Well we got in the space today. And Just as advertised it is SMALL. it’s a black box all right.

The issues this presented are all ones we’ve been waiting for. Working out performer placement, musician placement and orchestration given the ease with which the band can drown out the singers was of course of major concern, although none of it unexpected.

I’ve had some back up plans i place for days now, such as canning the band during all instances where the Narrator sings and having her always accompanied by only acoustic guitar. This does work and one must remember, in a workshop performance like this, you are looking to show off the story, characters, lyrics and melodies. As much as i would like full orchestration, if the lyrics and story are lost, it is all in vain and the show’s future dims.

So we are doing our best to accomodate. And one more day ticks away.

Tomorrow is tech. Performers run through in the afternoon and full personnel run through occurs in the evening. We’ll hope all the adjustments made today stick in the bands’ heads. The performers should be in good shape and truth told, they seem to be given the insanely short rehearsal process.

I’m throwing up a few videos here which not only show a bit of the day, but illustrate the auditory problems. You can here how the singers cannot be heard in some cases and how with gutted instrumentation the problem is corrected.

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