2nd Rehearsal

20 Nov

Endless video snippets of rehearsals may get boring after a few days, but i do want a sampling of the day in the life of preparing for a small show to be chronicled. Feel free to peruse at your leisure. Tomorrow we’ll spice things up by giving you some vids of the band rehearsing.

It’s taken me forever to compress and upload this stuff since i’m not used to working on macs, so i’m gonna finish my beer here and get back to where i’m staying. These days are mighty long. Night all.

Mark Swetz our fearless Director working with Kate Young our Narrator

Mark and Kate working out New Albion 1

Kate and i working on Ballad of Gambler and Monk with Miljen Alinovic helping out on guitar.

Mark and puppeteers Joni-Rae Carrack (left) and Faith Brandon (right) discussing bringing Jasper the Doll to life. Also present are Lily Arnold (designer) and Mikey Shearer (Jasper).

Lauren Osborn and Kate Young rehearsing Annabelle Has A Doll accompanied by Miljen Alinovic on guitar and Paul Shapera on piano.

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