Catnip Tea

04 Nov

In our last post we detailed how guitarist Miljen Aljinovic saved my sanity. But just who is this masked man, roaming the wilds of Eastern Europe with a guitar on his back in his self imposed sabbatical?

For one thing he writes an amazingly thoughtful and well written blog (not something i could ever say) The Catnip Nomad. (It used to be The Modern Nomad but it turns out there’s already a bunch of those).

But what we’re going to focus on today is his psychedelic grok rockband, Catnip Tea.

The band, currently based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and soon to relocate to Portland Oregon (yay Portland! I lived there once and loved it) is an experimental psychedelic rock outfit concerned with innovative music and structure over formula and convention, and conveying complex spiritual and existential ideas through sound.

I present the first “single” off what will be their new album Ouroborealis. The song is Muldahara and i reprint the descrioption from their Bandcamp site:

“The new CatNip Tea album, “Ouroborealis” is an attempt to depict and perhaps better understand and maybe then even explain the evolution of a human consciousness from its component parts before conception through its development and on to its culmination.

It is divided into three “trinities”, and the second of these three deals with Muldahara (the survival chakra) becoming Swadisthana (the sex chakra) becoming Manipura (the greed chakra). Swadisthana and Manipura develop in people in many different ways depending on the conditions and beliefs within which they were raised. Anything from religion to personal experience to economic opportunity dictates how we first encounter and experience and deal with these stages. And while depending on where and when in the world one is born, his experience with Muldahara may very quickly begin to differ from another’s, our basic experience of the will, craving, and fundamental need to survive is universal.”

If you like it please go to their Bandcamp site and buy it. it’s name your own price. Their general Bandcamp page is here.

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