Puppeteer Auditions

27 Oct

Howdy folks.  Welcome to audition day, historic also since i might post more than once today.

I’m currently sitting on Skype. I’m here all day watching the auditions for both puppeteers and singers for the little workshop production coming up at the end of November.

This morning was puppeteer auditions and in the interim i thought i’d describe the way the audition was conducted as it was quite interesting and out of the box.

The Auditions took place in a black box space. Present were Director Mark Swetz, Designer Lily Arnold and Stage Manager Jennifer Harding. Numerous “found” objects were placed on a table.

The puppeteers took whatever objects they liked and during the first bit they explored the animation possibilites.

During the second and REALLY fascinating bit they were instructed to collectively build the city of the New Albion using these objects (while the Overture played) and then, once built, to one by one pick at a certain “area” of this monstrosity and explain what it is. I don’t know how this sounds, but it was fascinating to watch. (the teardrop reservoir stands out)

Finally, each puppeteer had to chance to use these objects they were now quite familiar with and make us believe they were a living character.

I utterly forgot until the end that i could take pictures using skype, since i would love to have showed them building New Albion.  Alas. Perhaps next time.


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