A Love Story In 22 Pictures

03 Oct

What does this have to do with a steampunk or dieslepunk opera? Not…. AH! WAIT! Yes, hang on. The Dieselpunk Opera takes place during a civil war therefore….

Look, the fact is i can rationalize ANYthing i post on here as to somehow fitting in the general theme of the blog. So don’t test me. (not that…. anyone ever has, but in my head I CAN HEAR YOU DOING IT)

There are periods of writing this blog where for awhile i struggle to come up with stuff and other periods where  the list i keep on my computer of post ideas is brimming with good stuff. Somehow, despite a slow period, the backup list is brimming again. So yay!

Regardless of whatever posts i have in mind to write, the fact is i haven’t done any picture oriented posts in awhile and this series is SO AMAZING i have GOT to post it if you haven’t seen it already. Photos by Tim Dodd who has a blog here where you can read more.

Folks, i mean this absolutely seriously, THIS is what love looks like:

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