NEW Snapshots From New Albion, Mach 2.1

30 Sep

I really could sit and write these things all day. I might have to since this set, done over coffee this morning, might contain a hair more detail then i can actually use in New Albion 5. Much like the 1st, i have an insanely limited amount of time, words and syllables to actually get any little vignette across.

In any case i REALLY enjoy writing this crap. So here you go, snapshots from New Albion’s Dieselpunk days:

-New Albion is in the midst of a Civil War. No one seems to be winning.

– a tinker who owns a little toy store makes tiny, mechanical fairies whose souls are a single snowflake kept in their little metal chests.

-In the tunnels underneath the city, among the half mad who dwell there, is a man who worships a spider god. he not only wanders the sewers proselytizing to his fellow derelicts, but is trying to build an army of spiders.

-In the upper smoking room of the Markon Hotel, every second Tuesday of the month, the various ghosts of the large, old hotel hold a seance and attempt to communicate with alternative timelines.

– In the 5th, 6th and 7th Districts, the various feral youth gangs have lately become less anarchistic and more organized.  A red haired youth is rumored to be consolidating the gangs into a well disciplined and highly lucrative organization who are able to successfully run liquor, drugs and contraband across the otherwise chaotic and unmanueverable war torn city.

-This gang is rumored to rely heavily on the labyrinth of sewers and tunnels underneath New Albion. Somehow the red haired youth has managed to work out deals and parlays with the various factions and entities who dwell there, including an otherwise universally feared series of humming corridors.

– There is a sentient entity living underneath New Albion who preys on most mammals. It makes a low, industrial  hum and as far as any witnesses have ever been able to describe is a series of concrete corridors which seem able to relocate. It is unclear exactly what happens to the prey it captures. Most rumors assume it devours them but a few posit they end up unharmed in some underground tunnels in Central Turkey. It is also unclear whether the entity is man made or not and some rumors discuss its possible origins.

– The MT3 series of power generators which run much of the power for Districts 1, 2 and 4 produce a fine, sandy, rust colored byproduct that it has been discovered can be snorted, injected or freebased and which produces a very pleasing and slightly psychedelic high.

– This new drug is becoming quite popular in the war ravaged city and only a very few individuals actually know what the drug is and where it comes from. This knowledge is worth a fortune and is closely gaurded as there are only 3 manufactures of the new drug.

– The red haired youth and his gang run the drug with great success. He is obsessed though with finding out where the drug comes from and is engaged in numerous intrigues towards that end.

The rebels are not a single organized entity. There are three main factions and a myriad of smaller groups and splinters.

– One small group is commanded by a stone water sprite who lives in the dirty fountain of Aphrid Park. Although she cannot leave the fountain, the small platoon she commands assembles at dawn and dusk every day to receive her orders.

– The Berkshire Hotel is now occupied and run by a large group of ex-soldiers. Only wounded fighters are allowed although any faction or side is welcome. They must renounce all affiliation for the duration of their stay. They may stay as long as they like, even permanently, but once exited may never enter again.

– One of the battlefield Lieutenants for the Norsefield Rebels is a fromer mad, homeless derelict. He still suffers from several untreated psychiatric disorders and off the battlefield is quite the raving lunatic. During combat however, his strategic decision making is unparalleled and he is feared and respected by his counterparts.

– The Collasm St. Church is currently serving as a war hospital, run by a very strict order of Sisters. The hospital specializes in amputations and limp replacement. Each Sister is never without her apron of saws and medical supplies. Their ability to amputate and replace damaged and gangrene limbs with not only other limbs but a myriad of creative substitutions of numerous objects and light machinery is highly regarded.

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