Not Slacking On The Blog, Just Composing

27 Sep

I know my posts have been a bit scattered recently, but honestly, among other things i\ve been working like a demon on The Dieslepunk Opera.

I am ONE song away from completing Act 1, although i still need to write lyrics for New Albion 5 (and the not yet started song) and of course i intend to fix the end of the Dieselpunk Overture. Thanks for the help of commenters on that one. I don’t necessarily change every single thing that someone finds a bit off (everyone’s got different tastes), but if i had a question mark in my head going in anyway then it’s a no brainer.

I have a lot of other commitments coming up so i’ve been barreling ahead with Act 1 in hopes that i can finish as much of it as possible before all these other things kick in.

When i finish Act 1, with scratch vocals of course, i will post it temporarily. I’m currently thinking of posting it for 3 days and then talking it down. Those interested can give it a listen, but since the vocals will not be final, except for the John O’Brien character who i will just go ahead and sing myself the Act can’t be made available permanently. However, since i really like it and would like to share it, i think posting it for a brief time is acceptable.

Gd knows when i’ll start Act 2. My current plan is to have Lauren Osborn sing the lead character of the 2nd Act. I will need to pay her upfront for it, as she deserves pay. I’ll need time and a lot of luck to assemble such funds however. I’ll cast another woman to sing Act 3, but let’s not worry about Act 3 right now.

So there. That’s why the blog skips more days in between posts than i normally like. An hour to write a blog vs. an extra precious hour in my busy day to continue working on Act 1… gotta work on Act 1.

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