Dieselpunk Opera Update

20 Sep

So i’m actually more than halfway done with the first act of The Dieselpunk Opera or… The Dieslepunk Radio Hours it’s currently called.

Yes, i know, i’m not starting it for months and months… but i did. I just had some ideas i wanted to get down and the next thing i knew i was… you know, working on it.

No track is finished enough to post, although the Overture or The Dieslepunk Radio Hour Intro, whatever you want to call it, is pretty damn close. But i’m not done nitpicking.

That’s it. Nothing more to tell. The thing is currently slated to have 3 stories, another family, but the tales do not occur over generations, they all occur concurrently. They take place about a decade after the Steampunk Opera ends and there are NO recurring characters. That includes Dolls. No Dolls. Their story is told.

The guy in the first story, who’s name currently is John (although whether i keep that is up in the air) is a real mess, poor sod. The girl in the second story, Constance, is one of my favorite characters and i really hope i do her justice. Her story might be a bit longer depending on how i figure out how to fit all the details in. I really like certain details about her backstory, mainly her profession, and don’t want to regulate it to some Character Background jibber jabber, so i gotta figure out how to work it in. But the 2nd Act is a ways away.

The 3rd story will revolve around John’s sister, Constance’s aunt. The 3rd Act is even FURTHER away.

There’s lots of brass.

So, uh, yup. That’s it. See y’all tomorrow with some amusing something or other.


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2 responses to “Dieselpunk Opera Update

  1. Mark

    September 21, 2012 at 2:16 am

    Wow, that sounds awesome. First time I’ve heard of your project. I happen to know a really good opera singer (won the Met competition for soprano a few years back).

    I look forward to hearing more about your opera (and hearing it).

    I simply write fiction, which to me seems a lot simpler, no collaborations, no complications, just me, a keyboard and my ideas. If you’re interested, I have a free online story at

    Stay cool, I’ll see you ’round the Aethersphere.

  2. Koenig

    November 7, 2012 at 5:06 am

    Your work is fantastic, and an inspiration for any-would be “punk” of the Steam and Diesel sub genres. I greatly look forward to the rest of the Dieselpunk Radio Hour, and the story of New Albion.


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