Modern Swing(s)

26 Aug

In my spare time i research 20s, 30s and 40s music and tropes for…uh…. no reason, never mind. But in one of the cheaper ideas for a post, i typed in modern swing and got really cool pictures..of… swings! No really, some of these are pretty damn cool.

I don’t actually know why you all check this blog every day or so, i don’t know what it is you want or if i deliver, but if you check this because you don’t expect things like swings and one day you get swings… then hallelujah! Today is your day.

Seriously, what’s not to like?


Who, i say WHO does not want to, uhm… “do it” on this thing? I mean come on…



Uh, the slutty swing? That hand placement… i guess no qualms about discretion… Is that even… comfortable? Possible? Wouldn’t you fall off once you get… you know if you accidentally move around too much or arch your back? See, swings = burning questions.


Admittedly, i miss the point of this one. I think design has buggered function.

Fuck. And. YES.


Holy…… man that cat can SWING! You go, girl. 


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