Steampunk Kung Fu

16 Aug

I don’t know what to say other than it’s about time.

The movie Tai Chi O is set to be released in theaters on Sept, 27, 2012. It’s Chinese of course, because let’s face it, no one, and i mean NO one makes kung fu movies like the Chinese. And Director Stephen Fung, with Enter The Pheonix and House Of Fury under his belt is a solid choice, not to mention it’s produced by none other than Jet Li.

Tai Chi Zero is part 1 and the sequel, which was shot at the same time is Ta Chi Hero. You want a synopsis?

“In legendary Chen Village, everyone is a martial arts master, and uses a powerful form of Tai Chi in all aspects of their life. Yang has arrived to try and learn it, only to find that it’s forbidden for the villagers to teach their secret style to an outsider. But when a mysterious man comes to town with a frightening steam-powered machine and plans to build a railroad through a village, the villagers realize they may have no choice but to put their faith in Yang, who has a secret power of his own.”

It’s a kung fu movie. Don’t overthink it. Just pass the popcorn

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One response to “Steampunk Kung Fu

  1. Miguel

    July 5, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    A vecеs se tarda mucho en ver ɑrtіculoss correctamеnte expresados, poor llo tantօ debo reconocertelo.Sіguan as!


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