Goat Rodeo Sessions

09 Aug

This was brought to my attention by reader Patrick Plonski last week and i loved it and must share it.

They’re called Goat Rodeo Sessions. A goat rodeo refers to a situation in which a thousand things must go absolutely without error for it to succeed. Ever tried to get a bunch of goats together and throw a rodeo? It’s really, REALLY difficult.

Who are they? Ever heard of Yo-Yo Ma? Stuart Duncan? Chris Thile? Edgar Meyer? Well, these four giants of music decided to form a band. The results are exquisite.

Much like the albums Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer made together, Appalachian Waltz and Appalachian Journey, the style is technically classical crossover, in this case crossing over to bluegrass and Americana. The level of musicianship is through the roof and yet the music is fun and accessible.  Look, let’s just cut to the chase. it’s fantastic.

Here listen to some more. This video has them playing 3 songs, although the first one is a repeat of the one in the first video. Maybe like me you find it interested to hear 2 different live version… but otherwise be sure to catch the other two. The album is available at all major online stores.

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