The Band That Never Was

30 Jul

The newest episode of my favorite podcast is out, which means i’m going to take a minute and go all fanboy over it.

Did you ever have band in high school or college? Ever do theater in high school or college? Whatever it was you did, whatever passion you tried (or are trying) to make happen while dealing with the whole growing out of your teens thing, this podcast knows all about it and was (is) there right with you.

The Band That Never Was is the true recollected story of a group of friends who form a band during that late adolescent travel from the teenage years to adulthood. It perfectly captures that time of life and the dramas and foibles associated with it and trying to do something serious for the first time, ie form a band that will make brilliant music while conquering the known world despite having never even lived outside your parents’ house before.

It’s also an excellent window back into the 90s when the events took place.

“Packed with honesty, laughs, relationships, irony, and some damned fine tunes, The Band That Never Was is a documentary podcast about many things. Friendships, life, music, growing up, and a study of what, at its core, failure may or may not be.”

It’s a brilliant slice of life and feels almost like someone is telling my own memories.

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Episode 4.

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