Tickets On Sale For The Steampunk Opera

25 Jul

We now begin our rise from the humble squalor here in the ghettos of New Albion to our eventual destiny of global domination… assuming we don’t get ahead of ourselves.

Tickets for our very first workshop production of The Dolls of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera are on sale now.



The Dolls of New Albion

A Steampunk Opera by Paul Shapera

  • Thu 29 Nov – Sat 1 Dec, 8:00pm

Tickets: £5.00


BOOK /  BOX OFFICE: 020 7582 7680

We are performing at The Ovalhouse Upstairs Theater as a guest of their First Bite series, which allows new and fledgling shows, like ours, to begin their development.

If you’re in and around London come experience our very first steps. It’s like watching Ghengis Khan as a little baby pull himself up on the sofa and starts stumbling across the living room. Okay, maybe stumbling is a bad word, but it ends with the conquest of Asia, the Middle East and Central Europe. That’s what’s important.

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