Holy Musical B@tman!

28 Jun

THIS my friends, is how you do a superhero musical. Spiderman Turn Off The Dark got a lot of flack for… well, everything. But everything the Spiderman musical did wrong, Batman does right.

It’s made for almost no budget. So, you know, you save 80 million dollars there. It’s funny. Really funny. Because let’s be honest, name two completely ridiculous things. Off the top of your head. Here, i’ll help you. Let’s see… uhm… superheroes and…. musicals. I speak as a fan of both, but let’s be honest, they’re both ridiculous. Put them together and you’ve upped the ridiculous quotient into an overload that cannot sustain that much ridiculousness. So why not just be tongue in cheek and have some laughs and a blast?

And that is why Holy Musical B@tman is kind of awesome. Look, a little theater company in Chicago put together a fun and funny Batman musical (music and lyrics by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps, book by Matt Lang and Nick Lang), performed it and then put the entire thing up on YouTube. Granted it seems far more fun live, but that’s theater. Theater’s always better live.

So here you go, kids. Holy Musical B@tman: (note, i’ll put up the first few vids, but the musical is long and there’s a lot of vids. You can follow it on YouTube if you wanna watch the whole thing or skip about)

(Oh! And i almost forgot, they swear up a storm, so, just be warned)

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